Integrating multiple procedures with quality and speed.

No job is too big.

Our well-equipped 100,000+ square foot manufacturing facility allows us to handle any job.

High Volume Production Manufacturing

At the heart of JD Metalworks is our production manufacturing department. Its capacity and technology allows us to coordinate almost anything into a finish fabrication for our customers. Our experienced project managers keep an eye on the big picture for you, ensuring your job is completed on schedule.

Coordination Between Departments

Production manufacturing requires the integration of multiple procedures while maintaining quality and speed. JD Metalworks invests in the equipment required to do almost anything. Learn the capabilities of our individual departments here: engineering, machining, welding, custom fabrication and finishing. Utilizing strategic partnerships we are able to single source your production needs, saving you the effort of coordinating multiple vendors.

Long Term Partnerships Save Money

High volume production requires investments in fixturing and automation to reduce setup times and lower customer costs. JD Metalworks is your partner in the design and implementation of these systems to bring you the best value in a production manufacturing partner.

Seamlessly Coordinated Production Manufacturing

Our building is 100,000+ square feet. We have 30 overhead cranes which have capacities up to 7.5 tons to efficiently move material as needed. Our project managers keep a close eye on your order, keeping it on time and on budget through the entire finish fabrication process.


  • Leblond Lathe
  • 20″ Swing
  • 52″ L Bed
  • Max RPM 1600

HAAS ST 30 Y CNC Lathe

  • 30 HP
  • 12 Capacity Tool Holder
  • 10″ Chuck
  • 18″ Max Cutting Diameter
  • 23″ Max Cutting Length


  • 30 HP
  • 25″ x 54″ Bed
  • 30 Capacity Tool Holder
  • Max Work Envelope
  • X-Axis up to 40″
  • Y-Axis up to 26″
  • Z-Axis up to 25″

Hitachi-Seiki Horizontal Mill

  • 33 HP
  • 8-Sided Tombstone
  • 18″ Pallet Chamber
  • 40 Capacity Tool Holder
  • Max Work Envelope
  • X-Axis up to 26″
  • Y-Axis up to 26″
  • Z-Axis up to 26″


  • 30 HP
  • 33 x 84 Bed
  • 30 Capacity Tool Holder
  • Max Work Envelope
  • X-Axis up to 120″
  • Y-Axis up to 32″
  • Z-Axis up to 24″

Scissor Style Band Saw

  • PCL-500 Controller
  • Uni-Mist System
  • Bundling Vices for Secure Grip
  • 20″ Round
  • 20” x 30” Rectangular
  • 60 Deg. Miter
  • 50’ of In-Feed Rollers


  • 30 HP
  • 33 x 120 Bed
  • 18 Capacity Tool Holder
  • Max Work Envelope
  • X-Axis up to 120″
  • Y-Axis up to 32″
  • Z-Axis up to 24″


  • 1941 Model, Rebuilt 2004
  • 25-1/2 x 96 Magnetic Bed
  • Custom Bridgeport
  • Head and Magnet


Premier CUSTOM METAL FABRICATION and ASSEMBLY company in central Michigan. Our crews balance high volume and tight deadlines to fabricate superior metalwork projects, large and small.